TFGs Unisex Hoodie for Men/Women

TFGs Unisex Hoodie for Men/Women

The Unbound Compact Travel Hoodie got me excited about fall travel again, and not just because it looks awesome. This insanely compact hoodie is made from superfine merino wool so it’ll keep you warm in actual cold weather without taking up any extra space in your backpacks. All the features you want, without any of the gimmicks you don’t need.

Odor-resistant, it packs down to the size of a t-shirt and can last for weeks without needing a wash. In fact, Unbound claims, “it can be worn all year long without needing to be washed.” You might not want to go that far, but it’s nice to know you could.


A great travel hoodie isn’t about 45 pockets and a million minor features. It’s about a layer that packs down small, keeps you warm, and can last for weeks on the road. Superfine merino is even wrinkle-resistant, so you won’t look like crap when you land.

That’s key for long-haul travelers like myself that go on extended trips across multiple climates. I want something that I can pack easily but also looks great and performs well in actual, real life. Unbound is one of the few crowdfunded travel hoodies I support (a lot of them are total nonsense). It’s available starting October 2019, so snag yours before your next winter trip. You’ll be stoked you did.

If you’re torn between getting a hoodie and a light shell or outer layer, the Bluesmiths Kula Windpro might be for you.

Designed by surfers (so I’m in), this hoodie is built for use in the wet and the wind. It’s 90% polyester with enough elastane to flex and move with you no matter what you like to do. The breathable Polartec material and DWR waterproofing shelters you from wind and the occasional downpour. It’s actually really functional, but the best part is that the Bluesmiths Kula hoodie is a workhorse that doesn’t look like a workhorse.

The sophisticated tailored fit and minimal, yet functional, features like: snag resistant material, breathable fabric, zippered sleeve stash pockets, hidden adjustable hoodie draw cords, and a headphone cord manager make this the perfect travel hoodie for surfers, runners, hikers, and active nomads that also spend time in the city. It’s basically an undercover travel beast.

And while the Kula Windpro is technically a men’s hoodie, they claim that “size XXS, XS and S are cut to work for you.

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